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ICC’s URBPO are the first-ever Uniform Rules for Bank Payment Obligations (BPOs), a 21st century standard in supply chain finance that governs Bank Payment Obligations transactions worldwide.

BPOs enable banks to mitigate the risks associated with international trade to the benefit of both buyers and sellers. They enable flexible financing propositions across the supply chain, from pre-shipment to post-shipment.

BPO benefits include:

• Mitigating risks in international trade for buyers and sellers alike
• Speed, reliability, convenience
• Reduced costs and improved accuracy
• Enhanced risk management
• Assurance of payment
• Access to flexible financing
• Securing the supply chain

The ICC Banking Commission has developed the Uniform Rules for Bank Payment Obligations in partnership with financial messaging provider SWIFT to take into account the legitimate expectations of all relevant sectors. Bankers, traders, lawyers and all trade practitioners who deal with BPO will refer to these rules on a daily basis.