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Arbitrators frequently face requests wrongly considered as being of incidental nature. Interest claims in particular raise delicate legal issues and may involve considerable amounts, sometimes exceeding the main claim. So as to guarantee the quick and effective enforcement of awards, the arbitral practice is looking for new approaches, such as lump assessment, “clauses pénales” or judicial penalties (“astreintes”).

Antonias Dimolitsa, John Beechey, Andrea Giardina, John Yukio Gotanda, Gabrielle Kaufmann-Kohler, Alexis Mourre and V.V. Veeder are amongst the renowned arbitration professionals who contributed to Interest, Auxiliary and Alternative Remedies in International Arbitration, Dossier V of the Institute of World Business Law. The authors’ perspectives cover a wide range of topics on remedies (contractual remedies, judicial penalties, specific performance…) and interest (issue of applicable law, comparative approaches, interest in arbitration practice…).

The aim of this publication is to provide the reader with solutions on how to control the impact of time between the occurrence of the damage and its full compensation.