To serve as a global forum and rule-making body for banks worldwide, with particular focus on the financing of international trade.

Pongsit Vilailert
Pongsit VilailertChairperson
Company: Bank of Ayudhya Public Co., Ltd.

Sailom Nopkachain
Sailom NopkachainCommission Member
Company: International Banking Club
Arpavadee Meekun-iam
Arpavadee Meekun-iamCommission Member
Company: Regional Container Lines Public Co., Ltd.
Kajohnsak	Manaviriyakul
Kajohnsak ManaviriyakulCommission Member
Company: Bangkok Bank Public Co., Ltd.
Kittipan Jamprawit
Kittipan JamprawitCommission Member
Company: Kasikornbank Public Co., Ltd.

Kitisak Tavisak
Kitisak TavisakCommission Member
Company: ICC Thailand
Renuka Makthiengtrong
Renuka MakthiengtrongCommission Member
Company: Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand