• To be the organization for the business community in Thailand which represents and provides an effective two-way channel of communication to other international organizations.
  • To ensure member’s participation in the formulation of policies on trade and investment in the global market through ICC’s commissions and coordinate these policies with other national committees in all areas of mutual benefits creating a common position to be represented on the international stage.
  • To create awareness among members on future trends of business and promote good corporate governance among business people by providing ICC tools, information, and expertise from local and international sources.
  • To promote efficient and cost effective means to settle disputes between business people which is independent and impartial.
  • To work closely with Thai authorities in all areas related to business and trade and to address concerns of the business community to make necessary and effective changes for the benefit of all.
  • To promote free and fair international trade and investment in an open market economy as well as promote good relations between developing and developed countries, thus minimizing the differences in approach to international business and trade.
  • To be a non-profit and financially independent organization.


  • To promote the creation of wealth and prosperity through international trade and investment for businesses in Thailand